KemPress Copper

Copper press-fit connection system for water and gas

When you need the highest quality press-fit system, use Kembla copper tube, KemPress® fittings and the KemPress® tool. Our tools are of the highest quality, are the lightest on the market and have the longest service life.


  • Water
  • Gas
  • Industrial 
  • Solar


  • Flame free installation, meaning no hot work permits are required.
  • Fast and easy to use with the press-fit connection system.
  • Backed by MM Kembla’s reputation for quality for nearly 100 years.
  • KemPress has a warranty of 25 years, and a design life of over 50 years.


  • KemPress fittings are designed for “push and stay”, meaning they are tight enough to complete the rough-in before securing placement by pressing.
  • KemPress fittings deliver minimal deformation to the internal shape of the tube they are connected to, reducing turbulence in the flow of the medium.
  • The press process delivers a permanent connection, while achieving the required pull-out strength in accordance with AS3688. 
  • Kembla copper tube complies with AS1432.
  • KemPress copper fittings comply with AS3688.