Pair Coil

Pre-insulated annealed copper Pair Coils


  • Split System Air Conditioners  
  • General Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Installations


  • Backed by MM Kembla’s reputation for quality for nearly 100 years.
  • All sizes suitable for R410a refrigeration.
  • Manufactured to Australia/New Zealand standard AS/NZ1571.
  • Exterior insulation is stronger and more resistant to abrasion than traditional methods.
  • Easy insulation.  No glue, no tape, no messy powder.
  • Superior dew-point characteristics.


  • Thicker 10mm insulation.
  • Pair Coil can be pushed through tight spaces without insulation being caught or torn.
  • Continuous 20m coils eliminate the need to seal joins every two meters, saving time.
  • Insulation is heat resistant to 120 degrees Celsius.


Material Safety Data

Technical Bulletin