KemPex Crimp

PE-Xa Press-fit connection system for water




  • Backed by MM Kembla’s reputation for quality for nearly 100 years.
  • The KemPex Crimp system complies with Australian Standards AS2537 and AS2492 and is certified by SAI Global (licence numbers WMK25717 and WMK25757).
  • KemPex Crimp has no O-rings which results in increased bore size and better flow, also removing the risk of installer error because of dirty, damaged or dislodged ‘O’ rings
  • KemPex carries a 25 year warranty.
  • Simple Press jointing system results in quick and simple installation.
  • The fittings have the longest joining barb on the market ensures a water tight joint every time.


  • PE-Xa is a robust and reliable piping system rated for normal operation at 1000kPa and 70˚C.
  • KemPex Crimp DZR fittings are forged brass resulting in superior mechanical properties with greater fatigue resistance.