Tait Electronics

Plumbing for Administration Building using KemPress Copper

Piping System: KemPress Copper

Plumbing Contractor: Graham Bond Ltd

Completion: February 2014

To accommodate Tait Electronics expanding staff numbers, they now have a new purpose built 6,500m2, two level, timber framed building. This new building was designed by OPUS to achieve the highest Green Star rating. As part of this design, timber framing was selected, along with Copper tubing for the plumbing reticulation. 

Brazing in a timber framed building has potential hazards, requiring hot work permits, and also taking more time than alternative piping systems, especially for the newer generation of plumbers who are more familiar with crimp systems than welding. 

KemPress press fit piping system was selected to avoid these issues.

KemPress Copper was installed by the plumbing contractor, Graham Bond Ltd, on time and leak free.

Graham Bond Ltd commented that it was a quicker method than brazing and simple to install. Also stating that they would use KemPress again on future copper installations.

Using Australian standard copper tube was not an issue for the contractor, as all items connected to the tube were done so by 

using BSP threaded adaptors. The second stage of Tait Electronics administration building will also be using KemPress Copper, adding to the over 1000 meters of KemPress Copper press fit piping system already installed in stage 1.

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Copper press-fit connection system for water and gas