LSG Sky Chefs

New Kitchen Facility

Piping System: KemPress Stainless Steel

Project: New Kitchen Facility, Auckland Airport

Client: LSG Sky Chefs - B&B Plumbing

Completed: February 2015


As part of LSG Sky Chefs new purpose built facility, the latest food preparation technology was utilised.  This included Gate Keeper Cleaning Stations that were installed to provide automated footwear cleaning throughout the site.

Accel Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide, supplied by Diversey Care, was used as the cleaning agent in the Gate Keeper Stations.  This required suitable pipework to connect the stations to the centralised supply point.

Being a food processing facility, the pipework material needed to be stainless steel.  KemPress Stainless Steel 316L was chosen for this project, using 22mm & 28mm pipe and the standard KemPress Stainless Steel fittings. 

Another consideration was with the facility being made of insulated sandwich panels, minimising fire risk was a vital requirement for the contractor.  The flame free KemPress press fit connection system negated that risk.  The concern for fire risk was not just during the construction phase, but also when future alterations or additions to the system would be required once the facility was operational. 

The speed of the press fit connection system ensured that B&B Plumbing, who installed the system, did so within the tight time constraints of the project schedule.

They have subsequently been back to the site to undertake further additions to the system.  The KemPress system only required one of their tradespeople to undertake the work, minimising interruption to LSG Sky Chefs operation.

A specific warranty was provided for the KemPress Stainless Steel system, based on the chemical composition of the Accel product used in the Gate Keeper Stations.

Mike Cistrone, B&B Plumbing’s Operations Manager, commented that the training provided to his team prior to the project going head meant that the system was installed as easily as Kembla said. 



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