Leader Products 2

Retort Pressure Cooker Water Supply

Piping System: KemPress Stainless Steel

Project: Retort Pressure Cooker

Client: Leader Products

Completion: May 2014


Leader products have been experiencing ever increasing demand for their range of prepared foods. To meet this growth, they have been expanding their capacity, adding new food processing equipment. This included a new Re-tort Pressure Cooker which required a new water line to be connected. This line would be an extension of an existing line in the roof cavity above the processing factory.

Using a pipe system that could be installed without flames was important, as being a food processing plant, the walls and roof are made of flammable polystyrene sandwich panels. Access in the roof cavity was also very constrained in places, adding further challenges to the installation.

The pipe installation took less than a day, with no leaks arising, helping to ensure they met their production start deadline.Leader selected KemPress Stainless Steel. Being made of 316L stainless steel, it met their food safety require-ments. The flame free press fit jointing system eliminated the fire risk around their polystyrene sandwich panels, along with the time to complete hot work permits. The range of fittings included the BSP threaded unions, making it simple to connect the KemPress system to the existing mild steel water line via a ball valve.

Leader Products engineering team completed the installation and commented that the KemPress system was “easy and quick to install. We will use the product again as we continue to increase our plant capacity.”

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