Alliance Group Nelson

Offal Processing Plant Upgrade

Piping System: KemPress Stainless Steel

Project: Offal Processing Plant Upgrade

Client: Alliance Group - Nelson Plant

Completed:July 2014

Alliance Group installed a new tripe processing line at their Nelson plant in July 2014. This required the reconfiguration of their runners processing line which was already installed in the same room, along with upgrading the staff wash down amenities in an adjacent room.


Alliance Group selected Kembla’s KemPress 316L Stainless Steel press fit system for this project, using it for a range of water lines, including replacement of corroded 304 stainless steel hot water lines. They selected Nelson Plumbing to undertake the installation work.

The KemPress press fit installation meant that there was no on site welding, which would have required hot work permits and taken longer to complete the installation.
Nexus Thermobreak foil faced tube insulation was used on the hot water lines. The Nexus Thermobreak tape made the insulation easier and quicker than traditional foam insulati

on tubes. The factory applied foil facing made the install look tidy, as well as preventing moisture ingress and ensuring the long term durability of the whole piping system.

The KemPress Stainless Steel piping system was installed on time, with no leaks on any of the joints. Being able to immediately test and commission sections after pressing meant the project was kept on schedule to meet the plant start up date.

Brian Mills, Alliance Group’s Nelson Plant Engineering Manager, who oversaw the project was “impressed with the speed and the finished appearance of the pipework installation”. He has now committed to using more KemPress in future upgrades and pipe replacement projects at the plant.

Steve Parkins from Nelson Plumbing commenting that “the system performed exactly as how we were told by Kembla. We will recommend and use it on other projects in the region.”

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